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Stepper Motor System Basics

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Motor Wiring Configurations


A series connection provides a high inductance and therefore greater performance at low speeds. A parallel connection will lower the inductance but increase the torque at faster speeds. The following is a typical speed/torque curve for an AMS driver and motor connected in series and parallel:




In case of a six lead motor, the performance at higher speeds can be improved by using the below half winding configuration. This comes at the price of reduced torque at lower and mid range speeds. However, due to the reduced inductance, performance at higher speeds is improved. Unipolar drivers, as described previously, do not have the capability to reverse the current flow. In order to make the motor operate as desired, the 2 center taps of a 6 lead motor (see diagram “6 Wire Motor”) are connected to the supply voltage. By simply switching either of the end taps to GND, the driver can generate a current in either direction within the coil. As a result, only ½ of the coil will be operated at a given time.



6 Wire Motor

6 Wire Motor, Half Winding